Zigurat and India BIM Association present you with the Introduction to BIM Course so you can be at the forefront of the new trends of the AECO sector.

BIM A0 is a 15-hour online course with the value of 99€ created by Zigurat. The course has been designed for architects, engineers, builders, developers and everyone interested in the new BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology of the AECO industry.


Continue your professional development with this course and learn:
• Advantages of working with BIM
• Existing BIM tools
• How BIM can be implemented and executed in all project phases
• Management of information and workflows
• National and international context of implementation in the market

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1. Introduction to BIM
- Definition and objectives
- Origins and history
- International context
- BIM Levels
- The level of maturity of BIM. Mohsen Far & Ioanna Alsasua
- buildingSMART & IFC
2. Technological Capabilities of BIM
- The benefits of the BIM tools. Vladimir González
- Parametric 3D Digital Modeling
- Clash detections on project. Nuno Pires
- 4D Planning and Project Management
- 5D Measurements and Cost Control
- 6D Analysis and Energy Efficiency
- Structure and Facilities
- 7D Facility Management
- Open BIM and Open Workflows. Mohsen Far & Ioanna Alsasua
3. Collaborative work
- Collaborative work
- Collaborative culture. Claudio Marras
- BIM Cloud Solutions. Mohsen Far & Ioanna Solsasua
4. Main Tools for BIM Use
- BIM Software
- BIM Software and platforms. Antonio Tort & Vladimir Domínguez
- Social Platforms
5. Material Manufacturers and BIM
- Manufacturers & BIM
- BIM BAM BOOM. Ignasi Perez
- The industrialization of the building industry. Ignasi Perez
6. BIM Implementation in Organizations
- Implementation in Organizations
- The BIM Implementation Plan. Antonio Tort
- The huge global demand of BIM Managers. Ivo Mainari


7. BIM Dictionary
- BIM Dictionary